April 9, 2022

Restaurantes en Marbella

Best Restaurants in Marbella Are you in holidays in Marbella, and you don’t know where to go? Marbella se ha convertido en un destino muy aclamado […]
March 31, 2022

Massage at home in Marbella

After much thought, have you decided that Marbella will be your holiday destination?Sport or relaxation?In either case, Marbella has a lot to offer.First, if you come […]
March 29, 2022

Do you have a stretching routine in your massage?

BeShambhala brings comfort at home. Enjoy this feeling of liberation after each massage. With sports massage we also focus on stretching the area to be treated. […]
March 24, 2022

What is a massage gun?

What is a massage gun? In this post we are going to talk about the vibration gun as a tool for a sports massage. It is […]